Quick Start Guide
JA Titan Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide will get your economic engine for JA Titan up and running. The JA Titan interface lets you quickly see where your company stands relative to its competitors, and makes inputting your company's investment decisions swift and easy. After you sign in at the login screen, you'll see a screen with your name at the top. This is your “home page.”

Setting Up a Game

Step 1. Click on New Practice Game. You' ll see the New Game setup window below.
Step 2. Select game settings.
Step 3. Click Finish.
Step 4. Click Play.

 Clicking on the Finish button after selecting your game settings will take you to a confirmation screen displaying your
selections. There are three buttons at the top right of the confirmation screen. Click on Play to display a new browser
window with a countdown screen, followed by a window similar to the one below (settings-dependent).

Playing a Game

Step 1. Read the advice by clicking through the Advice buttons.
Step 2. Change the values in the Plan box based on your understanding of the advice.
Step 3. Click Submit and your plan will be submitted for the quarter.
Step 4. Once a new quarter begins, you can see where you rank via the
ranking window to the left or get more detailed results under the “Reports” tab.


You will periodically see Virtual Instant Messages (VIMs) appear onscreen. These will give you information on relevant
economic conditions or changes and/or gameplay advice for your current situation. Read (and heed) the advice and
click the red X at the message' s top-right to get back to the game.

See the Strategy Guide available in HTML Help for in-depth information about gameplay.


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